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It shouldn't be mostly accessible,
It must be 100% accessible!

DSMS meets current accessibility requirements for student and staff users, period. The team that developed DSMS designed the software with accessibility and usability as a core principle, not just an afterthought. DSMS has been tested and used by blind students and staff on a daily basis.

DSMS complies with WCAG AAA and Section 508. DSMS is accessible for today's web and utilizes an up-to-date interface that not only makes it accessible, but user friendly.

We're happy to provide a demo of our software. We encourage your users with accessibility needs to test our system for themselves and verify that is indeed truly accessible. You wouldn't want another department on-campus to purchase inaccessible software, now with DSMS you don't have to either.

Download Our: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template 2.5 (Updated February 14, 2024)


  1. Hosted Solution

    All data migrating between your browser and our server is protected with 256-bit SSL Encryption. AIM employs redundant storage and servers, which means your data is safe in case of hardware failure. Upon request, AIM can provide SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports on server hosting security. These reports evaluate our hosting solution's operational controls with respect to criteria set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Trust Services Principles. Our servers and web application are also periodically undergo intrusion and vulnerability testing and are scanned to identify potential security issues and reduce the likelihood of web application attacks and data breaches.
  2. Identity Integration (Single Sign On)

    AIM is one the Sponsored Partners of InCommon Federation. We support SAML 2.0 and other Single Sign On access protocols: Central Authentication Service (CAS), Secure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (SLDAP), and Token-Based Authentication.
  3. Meeting FERPA Requirements

    AIM understands FERPA's requirements and has integrated security protocols to keep student information secure and accessible only to those who have an educational need to know.
  4. Saving you Time and Money

    AIM hosts your web-based software, saving your department and campus additional costs from support, maintenance, server space, etc. from your campus Information Technology department. In addition, if your campus network experiences outages or difficulties your software will still be running strong on our secure servers and you'll be able to access it from any computer with an internet connection.
  5. Upgrades

    Hosting also allows us to implement additional security protocols, provide speedy and efficient customer service, back up your data, and upgrade the software without any service interruptions.
Have more questions about security, privacy, and hosting?
Contact us:

Support Team

We have stellar technical support available by phone and email to address any technical issues and questions you might have. We also provide remote and in-person training to ensure your staff can effectively utilize the software.

Technical support emails are answered within 1 business day (usually less).

AIM has a unique advantage over other software companies in that our support team is comprised of people who have worked or are currently working in Disability Services offices. Our team is happy to share their decades of experience utilizing technology to better serve students with disabilities.

Our Pledge to You

  • Respond to your email
    as quickly as possible
  • Consider your feedback in
    our development
  • Innovate and build time-savings and
    powerful features