Policies, Procedures, and Requirements

Last Updated: May 24, 2020

Privacy Statement

Your data and its protection are important to us and we take that protection seriously. We will never share your data with outside entities. We will always do our best to ensure that your information save, secure and only available to those that are authorized to have access to it. All data resides in the United States and will never be transferred outside of the United States.

To review our Privacy Policy, please visit AIM Privacy Policy.

To review our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance, please visit AIM GDPR Compliance.


AIM Staff will provide 2 hours of orientation training to go over the basics of entering information into AIM. In addition, 16 hours of operational training will be provided, either remote or on-site depending on what option the college or university has elected. Operational training generally is not provided until your site is setup and data imported and you are ready to start using the system. It is important to have data (such as class list and student demographic) in our system when we are training your office. Without this data, your office will not be able to use the system to run your day-to-day business and may cause your to need additional trainings (which may incur additional cost).

Disability Services Staff Responsibilities

There are certain tasks that are the responsibility of the client. Under website controls, there are a list of items that need to be customized by the customer. Some examples of these items are below and these should not be considered an all-inclusive list.

  • Customizing disability types and accommodations. While we have sample data in the system, we do not know your information so you will need to modify those to match what you use at your unique school.

  • School contact and office information, signature files, user types. All these items that pertain to your school and it’s unique environment.

  • Email templates and additional files such as the New Student Application template and Alt Testing contract.

  • If your office wants to provide us with disabilities or eligibility information, they must match with what have been entered in the system. We suggest that you will provide ID instead of disability or eligibility description to us.

  • Disability office is responsible for data accuracy during transition because current data provided to us may not be accurate due to how it was stored.

  • If there is a test upload, we require your office or IT to provide us data in a consistent format (i.e. column order, file type, or etc),

University IT Assistance

AIM staff will work with the college IT staff and follow up with IT for up to 3 months. If after that time period IT still has not provided needed data or information, the disability service office will need to continue to follow up with them to check on the status of their request. While we want all deployments to be successful, we have no control over IT’s availability or workload.


Training will be scheduled no less than 4 weeks prior to database completion and deployment and no later than 3 months after database deployment. In some cases your database may be available and ready for use, but training may not occur until later. AIM personnel will make their best effort to accommodate your needs but must also balance this with other obligations and clients.

Cancelation or Rescheduling of Training

Training may be canceled or rescheduled at the cost of the customer. Possible reasons for cancelation include but are not limited to: insufficient or incomplete class or student data, additional programming, customization or requests outside the scope of normal AIM database operations. If any of these situations occur your training experience will not be complete. Part of our job is ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and useful training experience. Without the appropriate information and data available during your training, it will be difficult for you to learn what you need to know. AIM will not be liable if your university fails to provide the appropriate information necessary to complete training in a timely fashion. If we find that any of these situations occur, AIM reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training as necessary and available.

Data Policy

AIM must have all available data (student, class list, and any other necessary) for completion of the database prior to training. There may be some exceptions to this depending on circumstances. Please contact your AIM representative if you anticipate difficulties in providing the required data.

Data Integrity

AIM is not responsible for the quality or quantity of your data. AIM will import the data you have provided, however if your physical data exceeds your electronic information we are not responsible for incomplete or incorrect data. If you provide data that is incorrect or insufficient, AIM will work with you to correct this, but is not liable for any information that was not provided and additional work may be billed at our hourly rate.

Types of Required Data

  • Student Data

    Student Data must be provided a minimum of two weeks prior to onsite training. This ensures that your database is populated with relevant information for you to work with and participate in a successful training.

  • Class List information

    Class list information must be provided a minimum of two weeks prior to onsite training. This ensures that your database is populated classes and can be used to practice requesting accommodations for you to work with and participate in a successful training.

Customization of Functions or Additional Features

In the event that customization needs to occur or additional features developed, AIM programmers will work with you to determine what is needed and the length of time for this to be developed and implemented. Before work is begun, a quote will be provided that details the requested changes, amount of time anticipated to complete the project and associated costs.

Database Deployment and Timelines

Once your database is finished and available for use, you must schedule training within the following 3 months. The reason we state this is because AIM may or may not have sufficient time to provide training outside of this window and it is in your best interest to utilize the system that you have decided to work with.